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MoonShip99 is the owner / operator of various NFT game assets. As Large Land owners we are able to build NFT assets within the game like: custom battle arenas, custom mini games, race tracks*, buildings, weapons, garages and shops.

We have the MECH! The MoonShip99 Collective has more than 420 MECH and 22 Properties.

MECH NFT Scholarship will be available soon. Sign Up to be notified of scholarship openings. First come first served.

    We have 3 Flagship locations coming soon! Plus many more Partner locations to visit in New MECH City.


    MoonShip99 Green Loop

    Come join us in the north end of Green Loop. Battle in our Mini Arena and win crypto.


    MECH NFT land. Green Loop.


    MoonShip99 Gibson Bay / Sprawl

    Conveniently located between the Sprawl and Gibson Bay. Race your MECH at the Sprawl to win crypto. Visit MECH Corp. in Gibson Bay.


    Gibson Bay and The Sprawl MECH NFT Land.


    MoonShip99 Citadel / Degen Fields

    Located just between Citadel and Degen Fields. Battle your MECH head to head for pink slips. Winner takes all.


    MECH Rentals and Battle Arenas


    MECH Weapons Shop

    We create custom MECH weapons using our NFT Creator Tools. Check our OpenSea for weapons we’ve created. Reach out with custom weapon requests. We can build to order.


    MECH NFT Weapons


    MECH Repair Garage / Garage Bay Rentals

    Get your MECH repaired or upgraded at one of our garages. Rent a Garage Bay and use it to rent your MECH to other players. Creating passive income within the game when you’re not using your MECH NFT.


    MECH Repairs and Garage Rentals

    MoonShip99 MECH Available For Rent at any location.


      • Qty. 2 – Legendary
      • Qty. 1 – Blaze Elite
      • Qty. 1 – Terra Elite
      • Qty. 1 – Nixie Elite
      • Qty. 1 – Tephra


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    MoonShip99 is also a Legendary member of The Assembly. A group created by Trey Smith, the founder and CEO of

    Learn More about the NFT game. Check the MECH World Map.



    MoonShip99 Collective NFT

    MoonShip99 Collective

    Got MECH? We can help you rent them out. Become part of the MoonShip99 Collective.